Dr Sievers and staff want to meet you and listen to your concerns. A comprehensive review of your past and current dental needs will be reviewed, determined, and discussed.
If calling during regularly scheduled office hours, we will make every attempt to see you the same day. Please call as early as possible in the day. If you have a dental issue you feel is a true emergency outside of our regular hours, please call the office phone number for directions for after hour contact numbers.
The most commonly recommendation is every 6 months for an exam and a cleaning. If you experience issues in between, please call for a diagnostic appointment.
It is helpful to get copies of any current x-rays: Bite Wing X-rays from the last 12 months and Full Mouth X-Rays or Panorex X-ray from the last 3 years. Clinical records are helpful if you have had extensive dental treatment, but mostly not necessary
X-rays give your dental team valuable diagnostic information that is not visible with direct observation. The amount of radiation you are exposed to is very small. We use aprons with Thyroid collars to protect you from any harmful affects.
Although we presently have limited our practice to new patients over 12 years old, we will provide dental care for the children of established patients. We are happy to provide you with a referral to a pedodontist, a children’s dental specialist.
The best rule is 6 months after the first tooth erupts.
Yes, we always welcome referral of family and friends of our existing patients and appreciate your trust in our practice.
Whiting teeth has become very popular, and we can provide treatment to accomplish this. Bleaching will not cause any damage to your tooth structure, but you might have some temporary sensitivity. We have used a variety of techniques to whiten natural teeth, which have changed due to diet and/or “tooth staining” habits. Research and or experience have shown the most effective and economic approach to be night guards fabricated in the office. The safety and effectiveness of this technique is now well established. When compared with in office “light activated” bleaching or “whitening strips”, the night guard approach is the most consistently successful.
A composite filling is a tooth colored filling that will restore a tooth that has had decay or a small structural fracture. Composite fillings are non-metal and contain no mercury.
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